About Us

MRacing is the University of Michigan's Formula SAE team, founded in 1986. With over 30 years of experience, the engineering design team is continually pushing the envelope of vehicle design. Coming off a 4th place finish at Formula SAE Michigan, a 2nd place finish at Formula North, and a 2nd place finish at Formula SAE Lincoln in 2019, MRacing is currently the best team in the United States and is working hard to prepare a successful car for the 2020 season.

See what we're doing on the Wilson Center webcams!

What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE is a collegiate motorsport racing series in which students use technical innovation and advanced engineering analysis to build formula-style racecars. Teams design and build a new car each year, taking knowledge from previous years and new innovations onto the track. Fifteen competitions around the world test each team's design from every aspect with dynamic, design theory, cost, and business events. This experience in engineering gives students a strong competitive advantage after university and prepares them for strong careers in industry. International competitions also expose the team to different cultures and approaches to engineering. Every year, each of the 500+ teams is given a ranking based on the team's performance over their previous 6 competitions. Each team uses its own strategy to gain the most points with the goal of being ranked #1 in the world!

How can I be involved in MRacing?

All students of all backgrounds from the University of Michigan are encouraged to be a part of our team! While the majority of members are students in the College of Engineering, there are many aspects to the team that require students with business, marketing, or any other type of experience. We have students spanning from first-year to graduate level and we accept all interested students onto the team! Send us an email or find us at Northfest or Festifall to let us know you are interested!

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